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Solid & Striped x Re/DONE: Summer Nostalgia

Trendy at any era

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The brand Solid & Striped has teamed up with vintage label Re/DONE to create a collab that brings forth different swimwear trends throughout different iconic eras including the 70s, 80s, and 90s while having that classic laidback L.A vibe.

The collection features a nostalgic aesthetics presenting three different “kits”, that include a bikini, a classic one-piece, traditional denim shorts, a jacket and/or hoodie inspired by popular L.A neighborhoods: Malibu, Venus, and Hollywood. Additionally, every kit comes with its own color and pattern palette that represents the era the swimwear was modeled after.

According to Vogue, the range is described by Solid & Striped’s founder Isaac Ross as “romantic, playful, and nostalgic. The label is said to not be following any trends instead they are working on bringing classic summer looks back.

Additionally, Ross stated:

“We wanted to represent the Old World glamour of Hollywood, the sporty beach culture and attitude of Malibu, and the playful nostalgia of Venice. We look to the past for inspiration, and so does our customer.”

The assortment is currently available online at Solid & Striped and Re/DONE.

With so many new emerging trends on the market, it is nice to see a collaboration that has a modern appeal while still working with the iconic silhouettes that made the 70s, 80s, and 90s legendary time periods for fashion.

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