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Fetty Wap reveals track list and art work for ‘Bruce Wayne’ mixtape

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Fetty Wap is making the hype for his new mixtape Bruce Wayne real by revealing its track list as well as cover art

Fetty Wap has been stoking a serious fire of hype lately for his soon to be released mixtape Bruce Wayne despite the fact that he is frequently putting out new music.

That hype has grown ever higher ever since earlier today the New Jersey native rapper revealed the track list as well as the cover art for his upcoming release.

There will be 11 fresh new tracks on this brand new mixtape. For the most part, it appears to be all solo Fetty on this one. No guests at all whatsoever.

In this day and age this is kind of an anomaly in the rap game considering almost all rappers with any release that they put out have a vast plethora of guest spots on them.

For the cover for Bruce Wayne, Fetty decided he would go with the idea of using a photo of the graves both of his grandparents, Bishop Willie Lee Maxwell and James Eugene Hagans, both of which have had a significant impact on his life and inspired his recent desire to give back to the black community.

This recent bout of charity has been seen recently in Fetty having given thousands of gift cards away at a local grocery store during Easter this year as well as him having hosted a turkey drive during this past Thanksgiving.

Bruce Wayne is due out this Thursday (June 7), which also happens to be Fetty’s birthday.

Fetty Wap’s Bruce Wayne Tracklist

1. Bruce Wayne [Intro]
2. So Different
3. Strawberry Kush
4. Look At Me
5. Bruce Wayne
6. All For You
7. Star Struck
8. Westin
9. What We Do
10. Wavy
11. Hit Some Corners

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