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WATCH: Gorillaz delve into hypnotic visuals for ‘Sorcererz’ video

Everybody hold on.

Gorillaz traverse further down the psychedelic rabbit hole with the video for their new single “Sorcererz”

Seemingly out of nowhere, last week cartoon rap/rock/experimental whatever band Gorillaz dropped a whole ton of news, music, and other things from their upcoming record The Now Now.

Two songs from the record have already been released along with visuals, “Humility” as well as “Lake Zurich”. Now though, the band has done the same things for a third song, “Sorcererz”.

Much like the video for “Lake Zurich”, the visuals are for the most part simple yet at the same time quite hypnotic if stared at directly for the entire duration.

The primary visuals are of the band in profile, each on a side of a square rotating around while a hypnosis pinwheel keeps spinning around and around.

However, there is a bit more to this video than just that. Occasionally a quick image of the band driving a car through space will pop up inside the square during moments where lyrics are not appearing on the screen.

At the end of the video the car goes blasting off into hyperspace.

The track itself is equally hypnotizing. The laid back waves of synth just relax while the bass and rhythm evoke the desire to stand up and dance in a bit of a peaceful daze.

There are not much in the way of any drastic changes in this song, though different layers come in and out to keep things interesting.

The lyrics are kind of repetitive, but it does help to drive the point of the song home, which is to hold onto one’s self and vision for themselves and their life in general.

The Now Now will be coming out to the general public June 29.

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Watch: Gorillaz Sorcererz

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