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Kehlani feels society keeps women from “exploring their queerness”

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In a day and age where being LGBTQ+ is becoming more and more accepted, Kehlani feels women are still held back from exploring that part of themselves

With Pride Month well underway many celebrities and well known figures are stepping forward to discuss issues the LGBTQ+ community still faces and how they might be corrected. One such person is pop sensation Kehlani.

Kehlani recently did an interview with PAPER magazine which was part of their Pride Month cover story where she talks about how society seems to require women to fill out a binary when coming out, saying:

“There’s always this need to fill that binary outline out. That’s what stops a lot of people from stepping out and exploring their queerness — especially women, because they get nervous about what role they’ll be ‘taking on.’ Once they get through that, the world just opens up.”

Yesterday Kehlani went further in depth with the topic by making an Instagram post where she discusses how there are people who have it even worse than her and have to fight the good fight even harder, saying:

Kehlani recently appeared in a music video and in the track itself for Hayley Kiyoko‘s new single “What I Need”.

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