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Underoath feel religion should be kept out of music

Imagine no religion.

Underoath want any and all religion to be kept out of popular music of any kind

Religion and rock n’ roll/heavy metal have never been two forces that have ever gotten along particularly well (aside from religious rock/metal bands). More often than not neither want anything to do with the other. Such is most certainly the case for Underoath.

Recently the band did an interview where they discussed their choice of having ditched their long held identity as a Christian band and the reasons for said choice. Singer Spencer Chamberlain says:

“Putting a religion on a band; we’re all six individuals, that’s really unfair. What if someone decides to go down a different path? What if someone has questions?

What if someone maybe just doesn’t feel right with stuff anymore? I don’t think religion should be in music. I don’t really care what Maynard [James Keenan] believes in, I think his music is great.”

Drummer Aaron Gillespie added his own thoughts on how Christians react to their music some time, saying:

“Some of them [still support us]. A lot of them aren’t. If you say ‘fuck’ in a song, for those people, it’s a huge deal.”

Chamberlain comes back in discussing how hypocritical some Christians can be, saying:

“[The Christian community] were some of the meanest, most alienating people we’ve ever worked with, especially in the music industry.

Since 2006 on, when it came out that I had problems with drugs, there was never any help, it was just like, ‘Let’s crucify that guy.

Look how terrible of an example of a Christian he is.’ Not one person offered to help me, it was just like, ‘Fuck that guy, let’s get him out of here.’”

This past February Underoath released their first album after eight years of silence, Erase Me.

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Listen: Underoath Erase Me

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