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REVIEW: Kanye and Kid Cudi haunt in ‘Kids See Ghosts’

Kids see ghosts some times.

Kanye West and Kid Cudi have dropped one of the more fascinating and unusual records of the year so far with Kids See Ghosts

Over the past couple of years the public has been getting teased with the idea of rap icons Kanye West and Kid Cudi working together to make an entire album. However, a falling out happened between the two until West was hospitalized after canceling the Saint Pablo tour and the two reconciled and got to work making Kids See Ghosts.

Guests appearing on and helping with the album include Andre 3000Louis PrimaTy Dolla $ignPusha TMos DefMike Dean, Dot da Genius, Plain Pat, Andrew Dawson, and Jeff Bhasker.

Kids See Ghosts, which was released under the group name Kids See Ghosts has this overall haunting atmosphere that while not exactly foreboding or frightening still gives that feeling of watching over one’s shoulder and getting chills.

There are still brief moments of the kind of bravado hip-hop is notorious for in sprinkled throughout the album, but the further it goes on the less of that comes up and is instead replaced by more introspective material in the bars.

One of the more unusual aspects of this album though is the distinct lack of Kanye rapping. Most is done by Kid Cudi along with vocals from any of the guests. Kanye still pops up a bit here and there, but for the most part he takes a back seat.

One of the most chilling tracks on the whole album is without a doubt “Fire”. Not only does Kanye rattle off a rather fire verse, but it’s the chorus hook that stays in the mind long after the track finishes. It has this otherworldly quality to it that feels a bit unsettling yet addictive.

The backing instrumentation has this nuanced chilled out, yet creepy vibe to it. Along with the computerized drum beat, there are these minor swells of soft high synth. It almost has this dark ice crystal-like feel to it.

Overall, this is certainly a different experience than what one might typically expect out of either of these two rappers but the peculiar nature of Kids See Ghosts is what gives it its creative edge and curiosity driven appeal.

Despite being only seven tracks long, Kids See Ghosts seems to be better written, focused, and constructed than Kanye’s most recent solo album that he released a week ago, ye. There seems to be more care and attention to detail given here both in terms of production and lyrics written.

Rating: 3.4/5

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Listen: Kids See Ghosts Kids See Ghosts

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