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REVIEW: Tremonti thrashes back into action in ‘A Dying Machine’

In A Dying Machine, Mark Tremonti, rocks, thrashes, and whatever the hell else he wants

Alter Bridge guitar god Mark Tremonti and his solo band have wasted no time in getting back into the studio to write, record, and release another album, A Dying Machine as a further apology for all of the music he made while in Creed.

A Dying Machine for the most part has a speed/thrash metal vibe to it, but there are a myriad of other elements in it such as modern hard rock, melodic ballads,  and more.

The sound is cohesive, yet under that umbrella is still varied enough to keep listeners on their toes.

There are moments that sound incredibly late 90’s/early 2000’s (especially in the choruses), though not in a way where it sounds overly cheesy and too Creed-like. Such songs include “A Dying Machine”, “Trust”, “The First The Last” (especially), “Take You With Me”, and “Desolation”.

Tremonti wastes no time in getting things speeding and thrashing in A Dying Machine by placing “Bringer of War” as the opening trash.

The moment the play button is hit, there is an epic build-up, after which it becomes thrash riff central. Fairly reminiscent of old Megadeth aside from the vocals being less aggressive and more melodic than Dave Mustaine‘s.

For older fans of Tremonti’s more melodic and ballad-like playing, “The First The Last” has that base covered. It definitely has that late 90’s/early 2000’s commercial hard rock ballad vibe to it the whole way through.

The guitars are kept mostly acoustic with some tom focused drumming and a deep, grooving bass line that holds the whole song together. The vocals are incredibly melodic, passionate, and ear friendly. Plus, the fact that this is a love song brings the whole vibe to the forefront even more.

Fans of Tremonti’s other solo work as well as Alter Bridge material should find A Dying Machine to be more than satisfactory. It is not the most groundbreaking record, but it knows what it is and it does it well. It will make a fine addition to any heavier rock music playlist.

Rating: 3.85/5

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Listen: Tremonti A Dying Machine

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