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London police trying to legally ban 1011 from making music

Police drill back?

In shocking move, the London police are trying to ban drill music group 1011 from making music

It was in 1988 that rap legends N.W.A. released their iconic hit that still shocks audiences to this day, “Fuck the Police”. It has been a strong sentiment carried throughout the rap game ever since. Now though, the police in London seem to have had enough. Their first target: drill music group 1011.

According to The Independent, London police are currently filing for a court order that would ban members of 1011 from making music for three to five years. The order would ban anyone between the ages of 17-21 from making music.

The police are saying that these young men are making drill videos that “clearly and only designed to incite violence.” At press time their videos have managed to garner over 10 million views on YouTube.

Seven 1011 videos will be shown to the court as evidence in this case. The videos will include the group’s song, “No Hook,” which is said to feature lyrics about shooting rival gangs.

In a statement, detective chief superintendent Kevin Southworth says regarding the court order filing:

“It is the explicit nature and the aggressive nature of the lyrics that make these videos of concern to us. There were a number of different drill videos and social media postings that were clearly and only designed to incite violence and provoke each other.”

However, despite the fact that this move is being presented as a positive step to prevent further terrible crimes, many people are not seeing it that way. Many in fact are seeing this as a blatant attempt at governmental censorship of artistic expression.

Southworth continues:

“This is about making sure that we look specifically at the behaviors that have occurred and do what we can to prevent them from occurring again in the future in a way that is likely to result in violence.”

1011 set up a petition online last month to stop all of the banning from going on after the police had had 30 drill music videos removed from YouTube. The group is saying that the police approached them “with orders to stop their promotional use of YouTube.”

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