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LISTEN: Gorillaz unveil another dreamy single ‘Fire Flies’

All my fears have faded.

Gorillaz are further opening the vault to their upcoming newest collection of songs with the new dreamy single “Fire Flies”

Gorillaz lately has been giving their fans gradually more and more of a peak at what is in store for them on the band’s upcoming sixth studio album The Now Now.

Now though, Gorillaz just today have further given insight into what The Now Now will sound like by having unveiled the fourth of the 11 songs on the new record with the release of the new single “Fire Flies”.

Earlier today the band put out the song with a video attached to it on YouTube, though in similar fashion to the previous couple of videos it only featured a hypnotic spinning wheel of the band members in profile rather than anything particularly complex.

However, this concept seems to work with the track, as with the previous singles this one also seems to possess this hypnotic, dreamy, otherworldly vibe to it which so far seems to be the theme for the whole record.

The overall feel is rather chill and laid back, though as the song progresses it does get gradually louder and a bit more intense with more layers of synth, bass, vocals, and a plethora of other instruments being layered on.

There is a delectable blend of synthesized and analog instruments throughout “Fire Flies”. Everything comes together to create this swaying, yet somehow captivating presence.

The vocals have this soft, mildly croaking feel during the verses, but when the chorus strikes there are so many layers of harmonized vocals that it turns into something more powerful than anyone could have possibly imagined – all while still maintaining that hypnotic atmosphere.

The Now Now will be made available to the public for purchase and streaming June 29.

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Listen: Gorillaz Fire Flies

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