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LISTEN: Immortal unleashes first post-Abbath song ‘Mighty Ravendark’

All light from worlds disappear…

Immortal are loud, proud, and dark as ever with the release of their first post-Abbath song “Mighty Ravendark”

In 2015 the world of black metal was shocked when Immortal suffered a major blow by losing founding member Olve Eikemo, also known as Abbath. However, the band decided that this would not be the end and they would come back stronger than ever. Now, it seems they maybe about to do just that.

Immortal just released a lyric video for their first song “Mighty Ravendark” from their upcoming first post-Abbath album Northern Chaos Gods.

The video is nothing particularly special, but considering the song is what everyone who listens is here for, that hardly seems to matter.

In terms of production and riff style, “Mighty Ravendark” actually seems rather reminiscent of Metallica‘s classic record …And Justice For All (except this song actually has bass to it). It has that towering, chunky, monstrous chugging to it. If the vocals were left out, parts of it could easily be mistaken for Metallica.

That said, the song is not entirely un-black metal. There is still plenty of evil, quick wrist tremolo picking with those harsh, high end screechy vocals that are trademark black metal.

It is a bit surreal to hear how far Immortal have come from being part of the early 90’s Norwegian black metal scene to where they are now. They might not sound like they are recording through a toilet any more, but they still have the evil and darkness where it counts.

Currently the band consists of only vocalist and guitarist Demonaz and drummer Horgh, though the upcoming album’s bass was written, played, and recorded by Northern Chaos Gods producer Peter Tägtgren.

Northern Chaos Gods comes out to the public this Friday (July 6).

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Listen: Immortal Mighty Ravendark

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