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Fan Taken Down by Security at Future Concert

Unruly fan gets what’s coming

Future recently performed in Alabama’s Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex. During his performance of crowd-favorite “Wicked” a fan decided to rush the stage creating a chaotic environment. Typically, the artists would stop the performance and let security do their thing. Future, however, kept on rapping while all-out brawl proceeded to take place inside the complex.

The overly excited fan was taken off the stage by security but didn’t go down gently. He continued to throw punches left and right landing a few at the security members and other concert patrons. The security team proceeded to take matters fully into their own hands by demonstrating why they are the ones in charge. They unleashed a beating like none other on the man responsible for the anarchy. On top that once they were finished the security team let the other Future fans get their turn. EMTs were reportedly on sight to treat injuries and off duty cops took statements.

The best part of the entire ordeal was that Future didn’t even bat an eye. The rapper couldn’t have been less interested in the drama going on around him. He took the opportunity to keep the attention on what mattered, his performance. People didn’t pay to see an immature fight so Future kept the show on point.

TMZ graciously released a video showcasing the pandemonium.

Watch here:

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