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Album of the Week: Wolf Parade Digs Up Perfection on Cry Cry Cry

Another Flawless Effort

Wolf Parade/Cry Cry Cry

crycrycrycvrWolf Parade has always been one of the most frustrating bands on the planet. The  here today gone for a few years  hit and run sessions haven’t been cute but they have obviously been necessary.

Cry Cry Cry is almost a perfect album.  The term nearly is applied as perfect albums prove themselves to be timeless affairs and this one hasn’t logged the historical miles to stand in that company.

All of that aside, a case could be made that this is a alt-rock throwback set full of late 80’s tunes that are best suited for the era when the term left-of-the-dial meant something.

An argument also could be brought forth that it’s just well-crafted guitar rock with dramatic vocals, shimmering guitars and basslines that do more than serve as a bridge between the drummer and the guitar player.

“Valley Boy” plays up the 80’s cliché as it stands in defiance of the valley girls of that decade…or does it?

Calling all the angels, we must have an intervention
The land and the air and Marianne are in contention
The land wants the tongue and the air wants the spirit
But it’s all inside the heart and Marianne won’t let them near it

Said, are you still a lover boy?
Are you still on the cover or
Did you become a valley boy out there?
Are you still a lover boy?
Still laughing on the cover or
Did you become a valley boy out there?

Growing beyond the obvious layer on the onion, it becomes clear that the track examines the events surrounding the life and death of iconic songwriter Leonard Cohen.

The subtle and not so subtle sleights-of-hand drive Cry Cry Cry and its brilliance.

There is a lot of muscle to be found in the belly of many of these moments.

“Incantation” features a moment so significant that it might as well be called “Blisters.”

The replay value of this one is strong for anyone that appreciates strength in composition and lyrical content.

Rating: 5/5

Stream: Wolf Parade Cry Cry Cry 


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