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Andrew Luck Speaks on Injury Timetable

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has come forward to discuss the status of his injured shoulder on his throwing arm.

Luck told ESPN that the injury originated in back in 2015. However, he and the Colts thought it best to rehab the injury in lieu of going under the knife.

In the 2016 season the injury flared back up against the Denver Broncos.

This time Luck decided to opt for surgery that will keep him out of most of the team’s nine-week off-season training program.

“I certainly felt like it was the right decision, which makes it easier and pulling the trigger on it easier,” Luck said. “I felt very, very comfortable with the surgeon and his plan and our rehab plan here.

“This wasn’t an off-the-cuff thing. I put a lot of thought, effort and plan in moving forward after the season — talked to a lot of people and got quality information. Honestly, it wasn’t too hard of a decision. It felt right.”

“I made this decision based off all the information we could all find, that I could find,” Luck said. “I have no regrets going to get surgery. I fully trust when the doctors say I’m 100 percent, that I’ll be 100 percent no question.”

Despite showing extreme promise in the outset of his career, Luck has been weighed down by injuries that have cut deep into his playing time.

If the Colts are to return to the postseason,  they are going to have to put their franchise quarterback in a situation to help them win games and stay healthy.

To do anything else is a disrespectful to the franchise and Luck’s well-being.

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