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Audio Drop: Flying Lotus Gets Buck

Genius must be celebrated.

Flying Lotus a.k.a. Steven Ellison is popular among the Salute staff. A true musical genius, Ellisson is a sonic shapeshifter that pulls melodies and cadences from the strangest places.

On two new songs that he dropped on SoundCloud, his penchant for doing what he wants hits a fever pitch.

Both songs appear to be outtakes from the You’re Dead! sessions.

“North Star3” jumps ship between metallic riffs, ambient backdrops and jazzy breakbeats as it sorts itself out.

“You And Your Friends Are Dead” manages to be more manic than “North Star3.”

It pulls that off by ripping the top of anything that sounds traditional and letting the proverbial shit hit the fan.

This isn’t commercial or safe, but it’s exciting and once again Flying Lotus comes through with music that forces its listener to feel alive.

Damn Steve.

Listen: Flying Lotus “North Star3”

Listen: Flying Lotus “You And Your Friends Are Dead”

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