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Chance The Rapper Previews New Material On Instagram

New music on the horizon

According to Chance The Rapper’s Instagram, he’s been spending time in the studio. On Tuesday, Aug. 22, he uploaded a video of new material to his page.

In his video, Chance is playing back a track that is ’90s R&B gold. He takes an exact sample from Soul For Real’sEvery Little Thing I Do.” As it turns out, it’s song inception as “Every Little Thing I Do” is a sample in itself from an even older tune. The Gap Band’sOutstanding” is the OG in this scenario. Both tracks are dance worthy, as Chance indulges in doing just that.

The lyrics themselves are a party anthem in the making.

“I’m a little too young to be drinking this much/I’m a little too dumb to be thinking this much,” Chance sings while he boogies.

As far as anyone knows there’s been no definitive date for when this new track will drop. Another mystery is which project it could appear on. Chance had an outstanding year in 2016 after winning two Grammys for his album Coloring Book. Since 2017, he’s been much quieter and has stayed off of the scene for the most part. In March, Chance did make a splash by being featured on Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN tour.

In an event unrelated to music, he donated $1 million dollars to the Chicago Public School System. As a Chicago native, the donation could not have been more personal.

Check out Chance’s preview and the samples he was inspired from:


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