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Colourpop Finds A New Home at Sephora

Sephora Selling Colourpop

Good news, Colourpop fans. Colourpop Cosmetics will now be sold in Sephora beginning in Fall 2017. Sephora recently expanded their menu by adding ten new brands to their stores ranging from makeup to skincare. We can now expect to see  Kiehls and Tom Ford gracing the Sephora shelves.


Colourpop has been able to garner a huge amount of success in only two short years, making it one of the fastest growing brands ever. This is largely due to the way they appeal to their consumers’ desire to purchase products that work well and look expensive without burning a hole in their pocket.

For example, one of Colourpop’s bestsellers is their Gimme More Highlighter Palette. When purchasing a palette, you get six beautiful, shimmery shades for only $18. If we were to compare the Gimme More Palette to another bestselling highighter palette, the price points would just not match up.


One of the most popular highlighter products is Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Glow Kit which gives you four different shades for $44. That is two less shades than Colourpop’s palette for more than double the price. Colourpop has built such a huge client base because consumers trust their products and are confident that they won’t be overcharged.

This marks the first time ever that Colourpop will be sold in stores and people are excited to finally test different shades and products in person, instead of just having to trust their computer screens.

But wait, the good news keeps on coming.

Colourpop is going to release their much anticipated, latest collection in just a few weeks and it’s supposed to be perfect for Fall.

Also, get ready for Colourpop products that will be sold exclusively to Sephora Stores. The makeup brand will continue to release new products at a rapid pace and the price points will all remain the same as before.

So, keep collecting your Sephora points and get ready to fall in love with Colourpop this Fall.

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