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Column: How Bacchae Changed Everything

Culturally Speaking is Salute Magazine’s weekly catch-all column.

Culturally Speaking is Salute Magazine’s weekly catch-all column by Editor/Publisher Adrian Gregory Glover. Look for it each Thursday morning.

Regardless of levels of access or experience, if anyone puts any real effort into organizing a presentation for others that revolves around art, a certain level of fandom is involved.

The wise and jaded may trade in their outward fandom for that inner cool that screams pretense, but trust me somewhere deep down, they are fans too.

Fandom is why I scrapped my first draft of this column for my thoughts on the D.C. band Bacchae.

Taking their name from an ancient Greek tragedy written by the Athenian playwright Euripides during his final years in Macedonia, the band’s outer voice is primal and loud.

There is more than a fighting chance that you have not heard of them. But their energy is fucking fantastic.

The spunky back-to-the-basics spirit jumps out of all of their songs. I’m not going to hail them as they next big.

That’s not up for me or the music business to decide. That shit happens organically in the streets because, with a little bit of luck, the people latch on to something that is bigger than us all.

I don’t even know how the link to Bacchae’s music made it to my personal inbox. I’m just thankful that it did.

Their new album Down the Drain is available for digital download on their Bandcamp page.

Yeah, they have a lineup that is 75-percent girls. Disregard the impulse to conjure up thoughts of them being a cross between this and that and the third that has girls in the project.

You know you wanted to when you saw their picture.

I can’t speak to their live experience but I can speak to their recorded output

These youngsters killed it.

Like I said before, raw is such a great word to describe them because they truly invest in every ringing power chord, vocal screech, key arrangement and drum fill.

You just believe that these mutherfuckers mean what they say.

It’s not hard to find a post-whatever band that fishes at the same pond that they do. In fact, it is quite easy.

But this is a little bit different.

So different that it made my previous topic seem a little light-in-the-ass. I may revisit it at a later date but for now, it doesn’t mean much.

Sometimes you get with something that is so heavy that it forces you to do something and change direction.

This band did that and today they made…a fan.

Check them out.

Next Thursday, Culturally Speaking will take on a current topic that is impacting this wide open landscape.

Listen: Bacchae  “Constant Disappointment” From Down The Drain


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