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DRAM continues hot streak with Ill Na Na

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Day-glo soul dreamer DRAM is on a role.

He’s got two new anthems out with heavyweights Rick Rubin (production) and Playboi Carti.

The track that was helmed by Rubin is “Check Ya Fabrics” and it perfectly summarizes what DRAM is all about.

Colorful, soulful and full of life, “Check Ya Fabrics” is a movement that takes influence from both Outkast and George Clinton.

After the activity with Rubin, DRAM shot a video for the polished urban pop track “Ill Na Na” that features Trippie Redd.

Shot by director Bobby Hanaford, the project is literally a Hype Williams tribute flick shot through the eyes of someone who lusts for more hedonism and more color.

Like the song’s lush sonic overtones, the visuals demand repeat attention.

After breaking through with the viral hit  “Cha, Cha,” many pegged DRAM as a party-starter that lacked skills. This is not the case. As he stated in his press materials, he grew up battling in his local Virgina scene.

“I was rapping just like Cassidy. He was my favorite rapper at that time,” he recalls of the Philadelphia rapper. “It took a lot of growth, but I always knew that I was gonna make it as an artist. Over time my sound just developed.”

As he found his way and created his vision, DRAM emerged as a artistic force.

His latest feelings of elevation and the benefits of it are leaving the thoughts of DRAM being a one-hit wonder in the rearview mirror.

“No matter where you go, you’ll be alright if you stay true to where you’re from. I’m from Hampton, Virginia,” he stated. ” I want to set my mark, and leave my mark. This is my intro, but I want it to stick and be one of the great ones,” he said.

 Check out the audio for the vintage “Check Ya Fabrics” and the video for the slick “Ill Na Na” below.

Stream: DRAM “Check Ya Fabrics”

Watch: DRAM “Ill Na Na”


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