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EDM Messiah Zedd Stuns With True Colors

Harmony is a fitting term for the new Zedd album True Colors. I get it…he is the messiah of EDM but there are moments that one can feel that he knows his days are numbered in the genre.

Zedd has set out to redefine what his scene is known for or he laying the foundation for something bigger.

Thus the term harmony.

Not a single bit of True Colors is disjointed. Like Daft Punk at their greatest, songs are not sacrificed for adrenaline.

As felt on the standout “Transmissions,” Zedd’s laser guided melodies are just as precise when the tempo is not running at a manic pace.

Purists will engage the instrumental “Bumblebee” as the new toy that it was intended to be.
Each one of its stuttering beats has a hook that on-my-mama will featured part of his set as he begins his summer dates. As near-perfect as “Bumblebee” is, it like every other track serves as a purpose.

Get ready to get your hands up.

Yes, there are hiccups here and there that for a second or two revisit anthems that were sang before.

Truthfully, that is how we know that the king is still interested in the crown that he has only worn for a short period of time.

Because for right now, its summertime and all we want to do is party.

There is another level that is on the way that may be presented as early as album number three.

Don’t think so?

Check out the majestic-yet-straight forward “Daisy” which is home to an orchestral feel and dark subject matter.

One step at a time.

Watch Zedd’s “Beautiful Now”

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