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Review: Fashawn Drops New LP Manna

An album worth the wait

fashawn-mannaFresno rapper Fashawn dropped his new album, Manna, his first project since the 2015 project The Ecology. Manna has been a highly anticipated LP for the hip hop world as everyone patiently awaited Fashawn’s return to music. “Manna,” “Fashawn” & “Mother Amerikkka” were all released preceding the full album drop. All nine tracks stay true to the rapper’s signature lyrical element.

Manna stays pretty mellow. Chill songs and easy rhythms carry throughout the LP. Tunes like “Celebrate” and “Clouds Above” talk about appreciating the friends who are still here and remembering the ones who were gone. They’re about taking the time to be grateful for this life and keep living the best you can. Self titled track “Fashawn” is a little more groovy. In the song Fashawn reflects on life in the drug slinging, gangster grind. “Crack Amerikka” and “Afraid” too both discuss the drug dealer lifestyle Fashawn has lived.

“Pardon My G” features Snoop Dogg and Fashawn rapping head to head. The only track on the album featuring another artist, the song is an impressive collaboration between the two artists. Quick rhymes and true G vibes make the song stand out from the rest of the album.

“Mother Amerikka” closes out the album and is a heart-wrenching spotlight on the racism and prejudice that exists in America. Fashawn discusses his frustration with the violence inflicted upon black lives and a nation pushing its own people down saying, “You’re dealing with a criminal government here / These are criminals in power.” At one point in the song, Fashawn mentions the names of several black lives lost in the past few years singing, “No justice for Alton Sterling or Bettie Jones / Miguel Espinal, Nathaniel Picket, Philando.” It’s a powerful track to end the album on, leaving a poignant message with the listeners.

With powerful lyrics true to Fashawn’s style, Manna proves to have been worth the two year wait.

Rating: 3.5/5

Stream: Manna

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