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First Look at Spike Lee & Netflix’s ‘She’s Gotta Have It’

Netflix has finally dropped Spike Lee‘s She’s Gotta Have It. The series is an adaptation of the popular 1987 Spike Lee film which shares the same name.Though the first ten episodes of the series are available, we’re not going to spoil everything for you. Maybe just the first three episodes. Or at least give an overall synopsis of what it’s about.

The series takes place in Brooklyn, mostly Fort Greene and is centered around a young lady by the name of Nola Darling. Nola is an artist living in a brownstone where she spends most of her time painting. The rest of her time she spends finding ways to make money off of her art, spending time with friends, and entertaining the charms of three men.

She’s also the child of two creatives who live down the street in a brownstone that they own. Both of her parents are supportive of her goal to be a recognized and profitable artist. So supportive that they sometimes give her money. However, at times it seems that Nola is unwilling to accept additional help from her parents, in hopes that she can do it all on her on.

She's Gotta Have It

Nola Darling played by DeWanda Wise

The show follows her and explores the relationships she shares with her art, her friends, her men, Brooklyn, and more importantly herself. A lot of the time the focus is on the men. Not because Nola spends a great deal of her time worrying about them, but for the fact that the outside world takes issue with her decision to have three men and no commitment.

None of these guys are Nola’s boyfriends or sex buddies. Instead, they are romantic relationships that she carries on and frequently engage in sexual activities with each dude. However, she has rules for relationships. One rule states that she will only make love in her “loving bed.” The other, which is kind of unspoken, is that the men don’t get to meet or know details about each other. However, this rule is later on broken in a hilarious way. More importantly, they are all aware that she is not exclusive to either of them. Essentially knowing that time away from them is possibly time spent with another man.

She's Gotta Have It

Jamie Overstreet played by Lyriq Bent

The first guy that we meet is Jamie Overstreet. He’s noticeably older but doesn’t look like he’s too old for her. However, it’s later revealed that he’s actually in his 40s.

Jamie is sophisticated and down to earth. He’s a finance guy who owns a firm with partners. At first, he is presented as the ideal man. He’s intelligent, successful, secure, and stable; not to mention he’s handsome and fit. Unfortunately, Jamie has one major defect and that’s his marriage.

He makes no effort to hide the fact that he’s married from Nola. However, on several occasions, he tells her that the situation is complicated. It’s suspect that he never feels the need to go into detail about his situation, especially since it seems that he and Nola have been seeing each other for a while.

The truth is that Jamie and his wife carry on as normal, even though they are technically separated. They live in the same house but sleep in separate bedrooms. They also still wear their wedding rings and keep up the facade of a happy marriage in public. Both are under the illusion that all of this is for the benefit of their son. But we all know that children are smarter than adults give them credit.

Though Nola doesn’t let the men in her life get too deep into her business and does the same for them, Jamie’s marriage appears to be a point of contention between the two. Whenever she asks about Jamie’s marriage, his unwillingness to share details obviously annoys her.

The next guy in Nola’s back pocket is Greer Childs. Greer is the handsome and sexy model/photographer. Originally from France, he moved to the United States when he was a child. His successful career as a photographer allows him to live in a never nice and spacious studio apartment. Which he frequently uses as a photography studio.

Greer looks really good on paper and even better in person. Being a beautiful person on the outside has become his biggest flaw. Though most of the time Nola can handle his narcissistic tendencies, there are other times when they become too much for even her.

She's Gotta Have It

Nola Darling played by DeWanda Wise and Greer Childs played by Cleo Anthony

He’s the type of guy who doesn’t just take multiple glances at himself in the mirror but could possibly stare for hours. It’s almost annoying that he’s given the stereotypical model attitude. It’s also uncomfortable that he has no problem taking multiple selfies of himself.

Greer appears to be a surface-deep only kind of guy, but later we discover some dept to him. For instance, it bothers him the way he has been treated as a Black man in American; especially when he’s able to compare his experience in France. He doesn’t feel the need to define himself by the color of his skin and is proud of both his Black father and white French mother.

Also, his artistic background is a huge connecting trait between him and Nola. And his French heritage gives him more culture in his little pinky than most men. Greer also shares with Nola the fact that he too has multiple lovers. There are more similarities between these two artists than the naked eye can see.

She's Gotta Have It

Mars Blackmon played by Anthony Ramos

The last of the guys is Mars Blackmon. He’s a goofy kid straight out of the Fort Greene Projects. Out of all the guys, Mars is the most childish, but his antics keep Nola laughing and smiling. He’s also the least established, living in the projects with his sister. He claims it’s so he can stack money but it’s hard to tell if that’s true or not.

Mars walks the fine line between being a romantic interest and ending up in the “friend zone.” Though he’s the most dependable and often called on more than the other, he’s also the least stable. The best thing besides penis that he’s offered Nola is concert tickets. While both have the other gentleman have wined and dined her, and were also able to entertain her with intellectually stimulating conversation.

Even though he lacks a lot of what the other two are bringing to the table, Mars cares a lot for Nola and isn’t afraid to show it. When she got assaulted he was outraged. After her art campaign was defaced, he went through hell to figure out who did it. He even offered to have his high priestess sister do a reading or blessing for Nola. That might be the closest she’ll get to being taken to church by one of these guys.

Though all of these men are different, they all share the fact that they’re slightly jealous of other men, even though they have never met one another. This comes in the form of each guy asking about the men and wanting a comparison between themselves and the others. Also, they don’t respect or appreciate their time with Nola. Each guy is constantly requesting more time or blowing up Nola’s spot when she’s out enjoying another guy’s company.

Another interesting thing about Nola is the fact that she doesn’t fell the need to talk about her men with any of her friends or family. We see that she has three friends,  Clorinda BradfordShemekka Epps, and Rachel. However, she seems to be closer to Clo and Mekka.

She's Gotta Have It

Nola and Clo used to be roommates until Clo took issue with Nola’s parade of men. Apparently, Clo used to have some type of a relationship with Mars but later passed him on to Nola. Though she expressed that she didn’t mind, it’s obvious that she’s angry about it. It’s obvious that  Nola being with a dude she was involved with bothers her. However, Clo still tries to maintain a friendship with Nola.

Mekka, on the other hand, is the fun-loving friend with a kid. She works an establish that’s more along the lines of a ghetto burlesque show. Unfortunately, Mekka is a waitress and not a performer. She lack’s the “ASS-ets” necessary to get the job done.

In this show, Mekka represents the woman who doesn’t know her worth. She thinks that having long, silky weave and a big butt makes her beauty. Her attempt at enhancing her beauty eventually almost kill her.

Though all of these people go through their own stuff they also help bring out different sides of Nola. In the beginning, Nola appears to know exactly who she is and what she’s about. However, each of these characters plays a major part in understanding who she really is; for the audience and Nola herself. It will be interesting to find what everyone thinks about her at the end of the series. You all will have to tune in on Netflix to explore that.

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