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The Houston Rockets Burst Past The Spurs

Lead by James Harden, the Houston Rockets are on a roll.

Houston Rockets Dominate Game 1

The Houston Rockets and the San Antonio Spurs participated in a contest of the Western Conference playoffs, Monday. Sadly, the battle between the two and three seed did not come out as so.

The Rockets skipped their way to a 126-99 win in San Antonio. Houston showed how they are ready to make a strong push for a championship this year.

Houston’s James Harden displayed his abundance of offensive skill. According to ESPN he dropped 20 points and 14 dimes in the win.

On the other side, Kawhi Leonard finished the game with 21 points, 11 rebounds and six assists. Leonard unfortunately did not show his defensive prowess. He ended the game with only one block and no steals.

This being the worst loss in a game one since Gregg Popovich took over the Spurs, there will be many adjustments made.

Harden explained why the Rockets were firing at all cylinders in Associated Press.

“Just taking what the defense gives us,” Harden said. “Last series (against Oklahoma City) was a more grind-it-out. We weren’t really making a lot of 3s. We had to figure a way to get paint points and in this series so far they gave opportunities to shoot 3s.”

They ended the game making 22 three-pointers. Popovich was not pleased with the defense played. Even LaMarcus Aldridge knew how bad they played.

“They came out ready, they outplayed us tonight,” said Aldridge. “They made most of their shots. Guys competed, but I thought we made mistakes early. They took advantage of it. Once they had offensive rhythm they were rolling. And we never really found ours.”

The Rockets lead 69-39 at the half. They just straight-up smacked the Spurs from the start.

They had six players score in double-figures.  In fact, three of them had more than 20 points. Trevor Ariza had 23. Even center Clint Capela had a double-double with 20 points and 13 rebounds.

The Spurs’ cast played awful. Their alleged star, Aldridge, finished with only 4 points and six boards.

“I just have to take my time,” Aldridge said. “I have to ask for the ball more for sure. And when I get it take my time. Tonight I was trying to rush because there were so many mismatches on me. Normally I take my time. Tonight I was in a rush.”

The better get it together or kiss this series goodbye. The Rockets are ready to roll.

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