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Vera Wang unveils Ladurée dessert collection

From wedding gowns to cakes

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Vera Wang teamed up with Ladurée to create a sweet line up of confectionery desserts that are almost too perfect to eat.

American designer Vera Wang has ventured out into another new project. Her latest creation is a delectable confectionery collection with the legendary Parisian baker Ladurée called Vera Wang Pour Ladurée.

Inspired by Wang’s bridal designs, Vera Wang Pour Ladurée pays respect to a lifelong love affair with the city of Paris.

“Among my most memorable and enchanting experiences in Paris has always been Ladurée, whether it was tea sandwiches, shopping with my mother or taking my daughters for lunch in St. Germain, Ladurée has always been a part of my Parisian experience.”

But what does a dessert designed by Vera Wang taste like? The answer is simple. They taste like coconut.

“Coconut is one of my favorite flavors in any context. It always tastes delicate, yet complex, even when mixed with other flavors, even scents!” she shared in an interview with Vogue. “A coconut Chantilly macaroon and a mango-flavored coconut were heaven at first bite for me.”

Vera Wang Pour Ladurée perfectly combines the aesthetics of Wang’s signature designs with the infamous delicate flavors of Ladurée’s legendary macaroons, and pastries. The collaboration consists of coconut crème Chantilly macaroons, coconut and mango wedding cakes, coconut and mango mini cakes, and a cake made out of coconut crème Chantilly macaroons.

The designer who is known for immaculate designs described taking the same approach crafting confectionery collection as she would a wedding gown- “only, in this case, titrating with flavors and textures instead of fabric and finishings.”

The cakes are embellished with sugar flowers and cascading bows that add to the whimsical appeal they carry. Additionally, the tiers themselves have layers to honor some of Wang’s signature gowns.

In true Wang fashion, she has created something for every bride who wishes to have gourmet confectionery desserts as part of their special day.

For the minimalist bride there is a decadent cake that comes in all white and for the modern, daring bride there is one with a pop of black.

Vera Wang Pour Ladurée is currently on display in the windows of Ladurée’s Madison Avenue and SoHo locations in New York until January 26th.

The cakes are available for special order throughout 2018. Meanwhile, the macaroons are limited to what has already been produced. Both items can only obtained at the retail locations.

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