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The Human Torch and The Thing reunite in Marvel Legacy

Marvel Comics reveals the return of members of the Fantastic Four.



Marvel Comics brings back members of Marvel’s first ever superhero family. The Human Torch and The Thing are making a come back and reuniting in MARVEL TWO- IN-ONE #1. The comic book will release in stores everywhere this year come December 16th 2017. Creators Chip Zdarsky and Jim Cheung are the individuals responsible for brining the fantastic back to the House of Ideas.

Chip Zdarsky will be the writer behind the comic book. He has worked on several titles with Marvel including Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, Star Lord, and Howard the Duck. Jim Cheung shall be the artist to deliver incredible powers and action through every panel of this series. Jim has been a staple in comic book art establishing his presence on these certain titles New Avengers: Illuminati, Young Avengers, and Avengers: The Children’s Crusade.

The story will bring the two together to take on one of the most iconic villains ever to make his presence known across the comic scene, Doctor Doom. The man Victor Von Doom a visionary of power and technology holds a secret that looms over the lives of our two heroes.

Chip tells Marvel the relationship and the emotional depth behind the characters involved with this new storyline.

“Ben and Johnny can be played for laughs, but they’re both deeper than they let on. To get them right you have to be conscious of writing a Ben and Johnny story-not just a Thing and Human Torch one. Ben can be a bit of a hardened tough-guy, but he’s a softie. Johnny can be slightly irresponsible, but he cares deeply.”

The two heroes could be on the path to potentially bring the entire Fantastic Four family back together in Marvel Legacy. The Legacy line is mapping out all corners of the Marvel universe with characters and locations from New York, The Savage Lands, and deep space.

Chip continues to tell Marvel everything that will be thrown at our heroes and how these new adventures will take them places near and far.

“The tone feels a little bit sad, a little bit tortured, and a little bit fun! We’re building up to some big adventures for the guys, and this will be the place where you’ll get to see a lot of FF supporting cast and villains pop up! As for setting, these are explorers, so the setting will always change.”

The comic book community will run to collect this series as it hits shelves later this year. The MARVEL-TWO-IN-ONE title sets the bar yet again as The Human Torch and The Thing carry on the fantastic with incredible powers and family. Be sure to witness MARVEL-TWO-IN-ONE #1 to release December 16th 2017.


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