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Image Comics: Celebrates 25 Years with Variant Covers

Image Comics celebrates 25 years with variant covers.

The 25th anniversary of Image Comics marks a pivotal milestone for the company.Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, and Rob Liefeld created Image Comics back in 1992. The history behind the company helped shape the comic book policies and business practices for modern generations.

The business policies are focused to be friendlier toward artists and writers of comic books. Together the founders of Image put the power back in the hands of the creator rather than leaving the final word to a corporate agenda. Therefore, content including landscapes, characters, and story direction will be in the creator’s hands to choose what is best for desired comics.

The company grew in size since its initial launch and has grown to be one of the most respected and successful comic publishers alongside its competitors Marvel Comics and DC Comics. Image allows the submission of unsolicited work to their company for they too believe in the dream of making comics for the creator, by the creator, and for fans everywhere.

Image Comics will launch a variant cover wave featuring the front running comics of the decade. The anniversary celebration will begin this July and continue for the months that follow. The titles involved with the variant cover celebration will be The Wicked and The Divine Rat Queens, Seven To Eternity, Spawn, and numerous others waiting to be picked up upon release.

The comic book community will line up to obtain these special edition comics for they are a form of appreciation for fans and comic lovers near and far. Anyone can pick up these comics from local retailers and will fly off shelves.

Image Comics continues to provide outstanding and award winning comics. The library of the Image Comics is increasing everyday with new material from its creators and staff. Popular stories can reach new heights through television, video-games, and other merchandise.

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