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Vertigo Comics ‘Imaginary Fiends’ and Tim Seeley’s Distorted Reality

Tim Seeley announces his new comic for Vertigo, Imaginary Fiends.

Vertigo Comics grew a shade darker as veteran writer Tim Seeley and professional artist Stephen Molnar are bringing the new title “Imaginary Fiends” to the forefront of comic books. Imaginary Fiends is a story centered on reality and death as the hands of otherworldly creatures and aliens take innocent lives. The series makes its ways to stores across the nation come November 2017.

Tim Seeley is known in the comic industry to produce quality work through major titles including “Hack/Slash,” “Grayson,” and “Batman Eternal.” Each comic brings about a new perspective bringing elements of danger action and suspense. This new title will be no different as it expands the mind and scope of what is beyond human understanding.

Stephen Molnar will be the artist behind this new comic book series. He specializes in specific styles that focus on solid colors and forms of realism. His characters sport real facial structures while maintaining cartoon bodies and backgrounds. The line work is basic as it completes each image upon every critical panel.

Tim tells Newsarama the basic concept of this new story and how it revolves around horror and the different notions of fear and reality.

“Yeah, yeah! The really simple explanation that I use is “X-Files” meets “It.”

It’s a girl who’s tasked with investigating monsters alongside her imaginary friend. That’s my movie-Hollywood pitch.

And then I think the larger concept is, you know, it’s a story about people living in a world where they’re not sure what’s real anymore and trying to figure that out, and the fear that goes along with that.”

The story centers on the main character Melba who has an imaginary friend. She investigates extra-dimensional aliens and monsters on the hunt for children. As an agent of the F.B.I. Melba uses all the resources she can both on Earth and beyond to serve and protect the people.

Tim continues to tell Newsarama what to expect in the first debut issue of Imaginary Fiends as Melba prepares for the impossible.

“Well, the story is about their first case. Melba and Virgil and Polly end up in a small town in Kentucky where they’re investigating the disappearance of a kid, and the wider implication is that this has something to do with an “Imaginary Fiend.” But it ends up being a lot more than that.

We get a lot of cool stuff as we look at the characters and their relationship, and we flush out this world where kids can imagine something and have it made real by these bizarre extra-dimensional alien monsters.”

Only those with a strong mind and the ability to see can defend against these predatory monsters. What devious realities will Melba face as she confronts the twisted game of what is real against a villain no human has ever encountered before? “Imaginary Fiends” releases everywhere come November 2017.

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