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Watch: Jhené Aiko Uses Short Film Trip To Cope with Brother’s Death

Before Healing There Is Pain

In 2012 one of the most talented voices in alternative soul Jhené Aiko, lost her brother Miyagi  to the demon that is cancer.

Since then she has seen a lot of personal and professional highs and lows but she has never been allowed to publicly dedicate a lot of time to how she fought through the pain of dealing with losing with someone so vital to her.

Instead, it was deemed more interesting to document baby daddy drama and so on and so forth.

Thankfully, she got together with writer Tracy Oliver to write and co-direct the short film Trip which takes a dark and sometimes twisted path into what her character Penny comes to terms with.

Deemed “semi-autobiographical” most likely due to some of the narcotic images that prevail, Trip is a legit piece of work that forces one to feel more than it does to think.


Intertwined with Aiko’s original music and poetry, Trip is an example of beauty lying with heartbreak.

Watch: Jhené Aiko Trip ( The Movie)

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