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Kendrick Lamar Dominates with “DNA”

Kendrick Lamar dominates the airwaves with “DNA”, his second single release from his new LP Damn. From the first lyrics to the drop of the baseline this track is a hit. Spotify is reporting more than 23.7M plays and it is the second most popular track on the album. “DNA” is that edge of your seat, heart pounding, sweaty palms rhythmic storytelling that has fans wanting to hear the makeup of this man.

The lyrics “I got, I got, I got, I got loyalty, got loyalty inside my DNA,” has fans flocking to the internet to download this one. With only one day of its video release “DNA” has more than 10M views and has reached No. 4 on YouTube’s trending video list.

Nabil & The Little Homies deliver a knockout punch directing Don Cheadle as the interrogator who ends up imitating Kendrick perfectly as he raps in the first scene of the video.

The back and forth rap battle between the two of them is genius and Nabil was impressed as he shouts out to them both on Instagram.

To watch Cheadle rap was like watching Terrence Howard in Hustle & Flow as DJay and Lamar took the cake in the scene where he counted out each word on his fingers and then mirrored every move that Don made. This could be Lamar’s first step into film.

When the beat changes and Don released Lamar from custody, Kendrick takes it to the streets as Kung Fu Kenny from the movie Rush Hour 2 which explains the black and white kung fu attire that he wearing in the interrogation room. Although bit out of place, the scene with the party girls driving wildly in a car, may fill the female quota for the video, but it only gets in the way of the true message in Lamar’s music.

True to the entire theme of the album, Lamar brings lyrics that make listeners want to stand up and pay attention to every note, chord and verse. In his interview with Rick Rubin of GQ Magazine, Kendrick explains what music is about for him by saying, “Being able to talk about anything and make it connect to a listener. Where the listener can either feel like you or feel like they understand you or you have just a deeper connection through the music with the listener…. or saying the most brutal, harsh things on record where society may not want to hear it but still having that connection. That’s what I think music is about for me, period, period.”

Watch: DNA Video

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