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LeBron James Vs Stephen Curry To Highlight NBA Finals

Forget about the marquee stating that the  Cleveland Cavaliers are facing the Golden State Warriors.

The LeBron James vs. Stephen Curry angle is the marketing slant that the league will wring dry with all of its might.

There is nothing wrong with that. Basketball should exploit the likenesses of its two most explosive talents that will provide the pyro that will set the world on fire starting June 4.

But what will we really see?

These men play two very different games in two very different roles/positions.

Curry is a charismatic sharpshooter that wills his team to victory from beyond the three-point line.

Don’t let his occasional dips inside the paint fool you.

Curry would much rather make his money without engaging all of those ugly elbows that the big boys throw.

James can and will do it all.

He is not 60-percent of the shooter that Curry is but he can sling the rock.

Most importantly, as time marches on James has learned how to make the right shot at the right time.

James’ outside game is stronger than Curry’s inside game.

But there is the hunger factor.

Curry sits where James used to be.

Without a title under his belt, Curry would go down in history as a great player but not as one of the greatest players to play the game.

Those that compete at a high level strive to be immortal.

The money and the fame does not kill that drive.

Only the thrill of ultimate victory can stop the voices inside of anyone’s head from saying ‘yeah but.’

To his credit, James walks around with a permanent chip on his shoulder after all of the just and unjust criticism that he has taken during his career.

It made him a stronger and fiercer competitor and it’s hard to envision him as a winner without it.

He understands Curry’s mentality and that is certainly wisdom that he will pass along to point guard Kyrie Irving who will engage Curry more times than not.

James is used to being compared to others.

He has seemingly spent his entire life chasing Michael Jordan’s ghost. He effectively banished Kevin Durant during their Finals matchup and he even got a ring over a San Antonio Spurs team that gave him grief before and after he became a two-time champion.

The concept of what Curry represents is nothing new to him.

He’s been there before.

The only problem is that his latest advisory is just as energetic and has just as much will and influence over his team as he does.

The Spurs are an ensemble cast and Durant has never had total control on the court with the roguish Russell Westbrook as his running mate.

This is the wrinkle that will keep this series fresh.

They may not play the same game but they share the same warrior’s soul.

Let the games begin.

Prediction: Cavaliers In Six

Watch: LeBron James vs. Stephen Curry

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