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Lena Dunham Sells Wardrobe for Planned Parenthood

A worthy donation

Lena Dunham, American comedian and celebrity personality, has joined forces with The RealReal to donate 169 pieces from her wardrobe to raise money for Planned Parenthood Federation.

She will donate everything she makes from the sales, which is a seventy percent commission to the non-profit organization dedicated to providing sexual health care.

In October 2016, Planned Parenthood turned 100. Operating in over 650 health clinics and with 10 million activists worldwide, the organization has been fighting the government since Trump became president.

Many states have stopped funding Planned Parenthood, which is oftentimes the only affordable resource for low-income women. Texas, for example, has set up the Texas Women’s Health Program, which is a state-funded copy of Medicaid, however it is set up so that it may legally decline and exclude a clinic that provides or is affiliated with abortion.

Many of the garments are from award shows and Girls, an HBO comedy TV series started by and starring Dunham showing the lives of four girls living in New York City which has just recently ended in April.

Dunham is known for her many controversial comments, which have painted her as a white feminist and an example of white privilege in many eyes. These have led to accusations, including Dunham being a sexual abuser after she told a childhood story that involved her one year old sister, as well as her insensitive comment on abortion where she claimed she wishes she had had an abortion.

Her show, Girls, has also been criticized for its lack of diverse casting and portraying the singular white experience, which is already the widespread norm in all American media.

Her actions and statements, as a figure with much influence and exposure in the media, cause an enormous step backwards from the tireless work put in by social activists to create progressive movements for pro-choice and sexual abuse, and intersectional feminism overall.

By posing herself in such a position where she wants to be a part of such a community, Dunham humiliates and belittles the actions and goals of social activists.

In regards to her consignment effort, NY Times reports that Dunham’s “most powerful interest” is “women’s bodies and how to protect them”. She also comments that many people will buy her clothes just to burn them because they hate her, and that she “bless[es] them, too. The money’s still going to Planned Parenthood.”

You can purchase Dunham’s clothes on The RealReal here.

Additionally, you can donate to Planned Parenthood directly here.

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