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Lifetime Premiered Britney Spears Bio-Film


Lifetime premiered their biographical film about Britney Spears, Britney Ever After, this weekend; and it was awesome. The film revealed parts about Britney’s life that people have been wondering about for years and confirmed a few rumors that have surrounded the singer in the past. It only focuses on “famous Britney” which covers the majority of her life and skips past her years as a semi-normal child in Mississippi.

The film begins after the success of Britney’s debut hit single “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. She was embarking on her first tour with popular boy group N’Sync and reconnecting with her old friend Justin Timberlake, who would later become her love interest.  Her family was low on income and even though she had a hit single with a provocative music video, she still hadn’t seen any money yet. Britney had the innocence of a child excited at Christmas time and a southern accent reminiscent of homemade sweet tea, biscuits from scratch, and sweet potato pie straight out the oven. Lifetime did a great job a capturing her personality and southern charm.

Over the years Britney has learned to significantly diminish the impact of southern mannerisms when in the public eye, however, it is impossible for her to hide her roots when she’s interacting with her family. In I Am Britney Jean, a 2013 documentary about Britney preparing for her Las Vegas residency, she’s shown on several occasions communicating with family members in her full blown accent, mostly around her father. With eyes closed, one would not think that this woman was an international pop star but either a country singer or a girl raised around livestock who lost her virginity at the county fair behind a barn.

As the film progressed the most interesting parts of Britney’s life unfolded as she repeatedly made poor decisions. She journeyed through life looking for love in all the wrong places. Britney was surrounded by people who wanted to take advantaged of her, and as they continued to surround her they blocked her view of the people who truly cared about her. She jumped from relationship to relationship, each one worse than the last. Eventually, she hit rock bottom and was only able to turn her life around with the help of her family. The truth is that Britney was a full-time resident in a world that she wasn’t built for, she will always be a small town girl at heart.

People are saying that this film did Britney wrong and that she didn’t deserve this type of treatment; they categorize it as a failure along with the Aaliyah biopic. The film was ripped apart by people on Twitter who claim that the actress who portrayed Britney didn’t look or sound like her.It’s true that Natasha Basset, the actress who played Britney, doesn’t look exactly like her but she looked close enough to count. As for sounding like Britney, these people have clearly never heard Britney’s true accent, Natasha was spot on. Especially in earlier scenes when she recited certain phrases that only a girl from a rural small town would say.

A review by A.V. Club says that the film made Britney look like a pawn in her own career and in truth she was way more savvier than the film gave her credit for, even though she went through some rough times. Every film embellishes a little, however, Britney allowed her demons in her personal life to greatly affect her professional life. Today her father still serves as her conservator, meaning that he legally has control over her finances and medical care.

Most people would see this as being controlling, especially since Britney is a grown woman who takes care of two kids. Before her father became her conservator Britney was in a dark place, she was being held temporarily in a mental hospital and did not have custody of her kids. Now she’s living well and spends time with her kids frequently, plus her career is back on track; you can’t argue with progress.

Britney did not authorize the creation of this film. Neither herself or her representatives have released a statement about her thoughts on it.



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