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Lil Peep and Marshmello Collaborate in Latest Track ‘Spotlight’

The Afterglow

Since Lil Peep‘s sudden death from an apparent drug overdose two months ago, no posthumous tracks have been released. Today, fans are finally getting closure. Electronic DJ/Producer Marshmello picked up where he left off in his prior collaboration with the rapper, broadcasting his latest song “Spotlight.”

The song is the first to try and heal the hearts of those mourning by letting them hear Peep’s voice once more. Earlier this week, Marshmello announced on Twitter that he was ultimately waiting for the approval of Peep’s mother before discharging the song to the public.

Following the song’s release, fans were left in awe. The grungy blended rap vocals of Peep sends chills throughout the lyrics. The red and black background for the single is perhaps even more spine-tingling, displaying a haunting silhouette of Peep shaking his head into a foggy blur.

The track brings forth the rapper’s spirit through music, almost as if he was never gone to begin with. What makes this even more heart wrenching is the line, “I just wanna hear you scream again/Now you’re gone, I can’t believe that,” which refers to the bottled up emotions the 21-year-old was feeling right before his passing—obviously, verses that meant something more in his mind.

“Peep brought an excitement to music that was unparalleled to anybody I’ve ever met,” Marshmello said in a public statement. “We started an idea together, that unfortunately, we were never able to officially finish together. When I listen to this track now I get chills wishing he could hear it. This record is dedicated to Peep’s mother, family, friends and his fans. [Peep] will live forever through his music and that is something we should all be extremely thankful for.”

Keeping his character alive through the one thing he enjoyed most, is promising this year. The Revealing of the music video for his track “Save That Shit” also sparked a lot of attention. According to Peep’s mother, Liza Womack, Peep wanted nothing more than to express his feelings and have his voice be heard. Prominently, just trying to make a difference in somebody else’s life.

In a prior interview with XXL MagazinePeep stated “My goal in music is to save people’s lives like how my life was saved. I was very suicidal and depressed and I was addicted to some drugs and a lot of different artists helped me get out of that with their direct lyrics.”

Before Lil Peep departed from the world, he released one studio album entitled Come Over When You’re Sober (Part One)Hopefully, now, we can expect even more unreleased songs later this year.


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