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Listen to Frank Turner’s Plan for the Next Four Years

At shows, Frank Turner often says that “music can’t change the world, it never did.”

It can, however, be a demonstration of values, according to the English-folk-punk-rocker, who has oft-adopted America as a home for his music, his thoughts, and his demonstrations of values.

On “The Sand in the Gears,” Turner uses his well-considered, everyday, street poetry to deliver perhaps the most poignant musical reaction to the election yet.

Above an acoustic guitar, Turner uses an angry, smokey croon to ask, “Can’t I just spend the next four years at a punk show? Can’t I just spend the next few years getting wasted?”

As nice as it sounds, the answer is no, and Frank’s plan is this: harness the outrage, “spend the next four on the barricades…[and] let the motherfuckers know we can’t be swept away.”

“Let’s be the sand in the gears for the next four years,” Turner advises, as his Sleeping Souls step in behind him, and Matt Nasir’s keys offer melodic solace – the outraged, rallying cry meeting the hopeful sound that we’ll still be here four years from now, having lived to tell about it.

Watch Frank Turner Perform “The Sand In The Gears

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