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Marilyn Manson Drops New Track Amid Youth Movement

You Can’t Keep A Good Heathen Down

After publicly falling out of favor,Marilyn Manson is jumping back into the spotlight with a vengeance.

Someone that has heard the controversial rockstar’s upcoming LP Heaven Upside Down told Salute that it challenges his early work in the quality department.

The songs are said to be air-tight and at times aggressive without crawling into the hyper-art territory that forced fans to jump ship with his most recent work.

Factor in that in one way or another, Manson has been recently linked to both Lil Uzi Vert and Justin Bieber and suddenly his name is as hot as it was when he sprung out of South Florida clubs such as the now-defunct Squeeze.

Manson recently told Zane Lowe about his encounters with both Vert and Rick Ross.

“I’m at this hotel and I’m having dinner with Rick Ross, who said his dream is to work with me,” Manson said. “He ghosted me a bit. But the same night, I hung out with Lil Uzi after we had talked. And we talked a lot. He ghosted me also. I don’t know if by the time this airs, he will have still ghosted me.”

“He said he wanted me to help him find older women,” Manson went on. “I said everyone is older than you because you just turned 22.”

The single “Kill4Me” has begun to make the rounds and it lives up to the hype. It’s gritty while not to over-the-top and it rolls through with a synth-driven hook that will echo through concert halls across the globe.

It looks like you can’t keep a good heathen down.

Stream: “Marilyn Manson “Kill4Me”


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