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Marvel Legacy Enters X-Men: Gold

Marvel Comics announces the addition of X-Men: Gold to the Legacy line.


Marvel Comics ties in X-Men: Gold to the Marvel Legacy event. The crossover begins with X-Men: Gold #13. The comic book issue will be released this year come October 27th, 2017. The current head writer for the comic book title is Marc Guggenheim.

Veteran comic book artist Mike Mayhew will be the next member to join the creative team behind the series. He will deliver fantastic depictions of the famous mutants in action. Elements of bright colors, sharp lines, and critical shading will be present in the overall appearance of the comic book. Mayhew’s art is known for many comic book titles including X-Men Origins: Jean Grey, Star Wars, and Mystique.

Mayhew tells Newsarama the artistic approach he has for this new story arc and its many moving pieces.

“I would say my approach to the X-Men is slightly more cartoony than my hyper-realism on Star Wars. I just feel like the world of the X-Men is better off with slightly fantastical visuals and more exaggerated characters.”

The X-Men will come across a long time nemesis Mojo. Mojo who rules his own planet is obsessed with the lives of the X-Men. His twisted agenda will force the mutants into a dark corner, which anything is possible. The mutants of both teams gold and blue will interact with each other as they take on the evil Mojo and his broadcasting streams of televised terror.

Mayhew continues to tell Newsarama his motivation and inspiration behind the huge Marvel Legacy crossover event.

“I feel the “Legacy” concept on this book is focused on a fresh, new direction that opens the door to new possibilities, while pulling from all the rich history that built X-Men into one of the greatest comics of all time. For me personally, the “Legacy” concept is honoring the artists I fell in love with in the pages of X-Men, Excalibur, Longshot and other X-Men titles. Those books were fertile playgrounds for the greatest artists in comics who were at an upswing in their artistic development. Guys like John Byrne, Paul Smith, John Romita Jr., Art Adams, Michael Golden, Bill Sienkiewicz, Marc Silvestri, Whilce Portacio, and Jim Lee.

Be sure to collect the upcoming issue featuring both revolutionary teams of X-Men Gold and Blue storylines. The Marvel Legacy event continues to expand to all corners of the Marvel Universe. The comic issue X-Men: Gold #13 hits shelves everywhere October 27th 2017.


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