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Marvel Legacy reaches the Inhumans in Royals #9

The Inhumans join the Marvel Legacy series.




The royal family of Attilan makes their initial debut into the Marvel Legacy line in Royals #9. The Inhumans will encounter intergalactic cosmic beings called the Progenitors. The comic book will be released this year on September 27th 2017.

Al Ewing the writer for the Inhumans strives to reach new directions for the people of Attilan. In the ongoing series Al will dive into the hidden origins of the Inhumans and other life forms of the universe. Javier Rodriguez is the artist teaming up with Al in delivering a visually stunning world in the far reaches of space.

Al tells Newsarama what will be seen throughout the comic as the Progenitors make their way back into the universe.

“Put simply – if the Kree experimented on Earth’s neanderthals to create Inhumans, the Progenitors are the race that experimented on Hala’s neanderthal population, way back in the mists of time, to create the Kree. We actually see that happen in #9 – we see a Progentor land and go to work on the “Kree-Anderthals.” For what purpose? Well, it’s not that easy to say – the Progenitors are incredibly alien and hideously advanced, to the extent that their technology is difficult for humans to process.”

The ongoing series will continue to reach the vast depths of the cosmos as the Inhumans discover new life forms. What sacrifices will the royal family make as they come face to face with beings of all knowledge and power?

Javier tells Newsarama of his inspiration and how he intends to bring to life elements of the fantastic through artwork.

“To me the first 100 issues of Fantastic Four, by Lee and Kirby are my favorite comic books ever – especially all the Attilan realted issues. And Medusa is my favorite Marvel character, so as you can imagine, this is not a challenge, it is pure pleasure. Al’s story in Royals is fantastic by the way. He’s of the best writers out there dealing with sci-fi and cosmic elements. And I realized that I’m super comfortable drawing fantastic elements. I enjoy it because it allows me to create fresh visual page designs. And I love drawing huge guys. These Progenitors are super fun to draw. Perfect to dance along with a group of superheroes considering on page pace and design.”

Comic book fans will collect this issue to discover the history of space and beyond. Follow the royal family into the abyss as the Progenitors make their presence known in Royals #9.


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