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Meet Mark Zunino: The LA Based Designer Defining Red Carpet Style

This Designer Knows What Women Want

I had the pleasure of attending the Mark Zunino Bridal Atelier Collection preview at Bridal Reflections in NYC. While Zunino has designed bridal gowns privately for over 20 years, he recently began to take the bridal world by storm.

Prior to the cocktail party and intimate fashion show, I sat down with Mark to discuss everything from brides to Beyoncé.

In October, I attended Mark Zunino’s bridal show during New York Bridal Fashion Week which showcased his more affordable gowns. Zunino discussed the challenges of keeping the same signature style and quality across different budgets saying, “The great thing about my atelier collection is we really  aren’t that conscious of budget. But just because it’s in this collection does not mean it has to be crazy expensive. It’s really more about the design thought process.”

Some may not know that bridal is in fact a small part of Zunino’s business. The designer gushed over his red carpet success saying, “I do a huge red carpet business which is when I’m able to collaborate with actresses who can wear every designer around the world. So we really have to come up something that’s going to put Angelina Jolie in my dress instead of Zuhair Murad. So that’s the challenge I love.”

Celebrities and socialites who find themselves in Zunino’s atelier have often searched the globe for the perfect dress but still can’t find what they’re looking for. Zunino credits this type of A-list clientele to triumphantly finding his place in the bridal world saying, “By working that way, we are always ahead and always progressive.”

Individuality is also important to the designer who wants, “every bride to put her thumbprint on a dress. Even if I love a dress, I will never push it,” he explained. The talented designer has no shortage of huge celebrity names on his client list. He listed some of his favorite women to style saying, “I love dressing Kate Hudson because she always know what she wants. I also love dressing Sofia Vergara because she always knows what she wants. With Beyoncé, we can really do anything. I really love working with Gwen Stefani because she’s a total fashion diva.”

Pictured below is Sofia Vergara in a stunning white Mark Zunino gown at the 2017 Emmys.

photo from Getty Images

photo from Getty Images


The esteemed designer also commented on his inspiration for the stunning atelier collection displayed at the event. “I really focused on the global bride. With the power of the internet, every girl no matter where she lives knows everything that’s going on in the world of fashion. Now, brides are talking to each other and are very aware of style, fit, and budget.” Zunino continued, “For the first time the bride is really in control. If there’s a demand for something and brides can not find it, a designer will create it.”

When asked to describe the “Zunino Bride,” the designer quickly explained what kind of women he envisions wearing his pieces down the aisle on her wedding day. He said, “She is her own person. She leads, she doesn’t follow. But also, my girl does not come in with a bunch of people, she knows what she wants. She’s very secure.”

What’s next for Zunino you might ask? The sky’s the limit. “I’m always pushing the envelope. I like doing what’s unexpected. For example, we started doing rompers when no one else was doing rompers. Girls love rompers, even if it’s a pre-wedding thing. It’s sexier because you can go shorter [with a romper] than you can with a skirt.”

The designer’s atelier collection featured stunning gowns that illustrated his fearlessness and deep understanding of what women want to wear.


One model wore a beautiful white romper complete with a floor length overskirt.


This model stunned in a vintage-looking gown, featuring a sheer, embellished bodice and full skirt.


Zunino is no stranger to some dramatic flare, and he proved it with these intricate, draping sleeves.

img_7124This model sauntered down the runway in a multicolored floral print gown, fit for a daring bride.

Zunino’s latest collection perfectly portrayed his skill and creativity, offering truly unique ensembles. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the designer as he continues to make his mark in not only the bridal industry, but the fashion industry as a whole.

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