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Booze or Tea: Michael Floyd Tests Positive for Alcohol

Is the Vikings receiver headed back to jail?

New Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Michael Floyd is at a crossroads in his career. And it is one that can lead him down the rabbit hole or keep him on firm ground.

Floyd is currently under house arrest stemming from a DUI he had in Arizona last December. But the former Cardinals receiver could be headed back to jail. According to TMZ Sports, Floyd was instructed to not have any alcohol as part of his agreement and house arrest.

The problem with that is he failed multiple tests for alcohol between June 11-12, which resulted in an “Order to Show Cause” hearing being set for June 26, via the Minnesota Star Tribune.

But are the positive tests a result of drinking alcohol or something else?

According to Floyd’s agent, Brian Murphy, they were caused by his client drinking Kombucha tea, which is fermented.

Although Kombucha tea is fermented, it is highly unlikely that this would result in positive tests of what records show as “.055 blood-alcohol level at 5:30 a.m., .045 at 5:54 a.m. and .044 at 6:23 a.m. on Sunday morning,” via the Star Tribune.

Floyd was merely days away from his house arrest being over, but the positive tests have prolonged the detention until after June 26.

The receiver’s statement confirmed the positive tests and offered an explanation, according to ESPN.

“Michael was five days away from the end of his home monitoring,” Floyd’s statement said. “Prior to and after this incident, Michael has not had any alcohol whatsoever since the start of his home monitoring. Unfortunately, the kombucha teas that Michael did drink resulted in a positive blood alcohol content reading. As a result, the Court wishes to hear from Michael on June 26. At that time, Michael will have an opportunity to explain how this unfortunate test result happened.”

The Vikings made the following statement regarding the news surrounding Floyd’s tests:

“We are looking into the situation involving Michael Floyd and are looking into this matter,” the Vikings said in a statement. “We are still gathering facts and will withhold any further comment at this time.”

In other words, we are going to make a decision soon, once the test results are confirmed.

While the nature of Michael Floyd’s defense is speculative, June 26 will be a chance for the Vikings receiver to clear his name.

Or confess to the court–and public–that he has a problem that he is ready to face head on.

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