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Milestone Monday: Tottenham Hotspur FC

Farewell White Hart Lane

Each week, Salute Magazine will pick a player or team from the world of sports and highlight them on Milestone Monday. The sport doesn’t matter and neither does the popularity or obscurity of that player or the sport. Up this week, Tottenham Hotspur FC.

Tottenham Hotspur FC (Spurs) have played at White Hart Lane since 1899, but played their last match there last Sunday. There were plenty of fans at the match and outside the stadium, all there to bid farewell.

If soccer is not a sport that you follow, here is some perspective of what this farewell means. Think along the lines of Fenway Park or Wrigley Field being torn down after it being the home stadium for so long.

Harry Kane scored the winner for Spurs on Sunday, and told BBC how it felt after the match.

“What a way to finish, we wanted a win so badly in our last game here,” said Kane after Sunday’s game.

“I said before I’d love to score the winning goal and for it to happen is brilliant. To see it go in was special.”

What is the milestone that Spurs accomplished on Sunday?

There are two: the last game at White Hart Lane and going undefeated at home during the 2016-17 Premier League season. The latter not being accomplished since 1964-65 for the club.

As Spurs’ fans say goodbye to the stadium, a bigger, brighter future is headed Tottenham’s way. A 61,000 seat stadium will go up at the same site and be ready for play by the 2018-19 season, according to BBC.

The club also sits in second place and is secured of that finish this season.

Watch: Tottenham Hotspur-White Hart Lane farewell

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