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Mixtape of the Week: Yung Bleu Scores Big With ‘Investments 4’

The Lil Boosie Bad Azz Music Syndicate signed rapper, Yung Bleu, is an undeniable talent and while he has been on the “come up” for a little while now, the Mobile, Alabama rapper’s latest mixtape, Investments 4, reaches new heights for the energetic young rapper.

His distinct baritone vocals and rhyme schemes show he is a up-and-coming artist who is primed to take on some of the biggest hip-hop artists today. And the best part of the new chapter, even though Boosie doesn’t make an appearance, Bleu’s sound is strong enough to stand out on its own.

The mixtape opens with the track, “Fuck the Streets Up.” But don’t let its modern trap beat fool you, the track maintains that southern hardcore rap element. Things suddenly change pace on the track, “Play Time” with its smooth R&B melody, Yung Bleu shows his multi-versatility.

While tracks like “Watch my Drip” and “True to the Game” are kind of blasé when it comes to the rest of the mixtape, there are quite a few gems. “Too Many Friends” is a club banger in the making, with an energetic flow on a slower, more mellowed beat. “Be Like That” is a story-song about crazy chicks blowing up his phone at 3 a.m.

“First” features 17-year-old Baton Rouge rapper, Youngboy NBA, on a southern trap collab that sounds like an easy contender for any Lil Uzi Vert or Rae Sremmurd track. Another noteworthy collaboration, “Mean Machine” features fellow-Alabama rapper Shad Levi, whose recently released his own mixtape, 17, hosted by DJ MLK and DJ Trapaholics.

“On The Line” slows things down again with this R&B-infused love song about his “baby” crying on the phone, while she is drunk at the club, followed by the reggae-tinged interlude, “Enemy Lines” which allows the 23-year-old rapper to flex his vocal skills.

Yung Bleu sings about being “Legendary” like Muhammad Ali, “float like a butterfly, stinging like a bee,” before talking shit about your girl on the track, “Call Me Daddy,” and the girls down at Blue Flame [Lounge].

“Do or Die” is yet another club banger, showing that Bleu has the potential to cut a full-length studio album that will appeal to fans of such artists as Future and French Montana. “Fight for Me” closes the mixtape with a melodic Pop/R&B track that is worthy of the charts.

Bottom line, remember the name Yung Bleu because this 23-year-old not only can spit, he can sing too.


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