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Monsters Rule in the Savage Land of ‘Monsters Unleashed’

Marvel Comics takes Kid Kaiju to the Savage Land

monunThe Marvel Universe gets ready for monsters big and small as Kei Kawade and Kid Kaiju travel to the one place on Earth where the monsters are king, the Savage Land. A place lost in time that links back to the Jurassic Period and is full of extravagant creatures and fantastic fauna. The story will take place in “Monsters Unleashed #7.”

Kei, once human, was transformed by the Terrigen Mist, which activated his ability to summon the very creatures he draws from the page into the real world. The transcendence from paper to reality is an amazing skill because his power is only limited to his imagination.

The event will tie into the Marvel Legacy movement, being a small portion of a large era of storytelling from the House of Ideas. Marvel Comics will continue to reach in new directions and bring about the sense of danger, action and power.

Cullen Bunn and Andrea Broccardo will bring forth the story of Kawade as he becomes more immersed in his role as a young man and hero in a world far beyond his own. Bunn is a comic book writer known for “The Sixth Gun,” “Deadpool” and “Fear Itself: Black Widow.” Andrea an experienced artist has illustrated numerous titles including “Doctor Strange/Punisher: Magic Bullets,” “The Amazing Spider-Man,” and “Civil War 2: X-Men.”

 Cullen tells Marvel his desire to focus on the arc of Kei as he enters the Savage Land and the development of his powers.

“Monsters Unleashed started off as a bit of a love letter to all the classic monsters in Marvel’s vast history. With the new series, we’ve been focused on our new monsters. In this arc, though, we’re putting the spotlight back on one of the classic monsters in a big way. In addition, this story focuses on the idea of a kid struggling with powers that are new and unusual and scary to him. That’s the kind of story that made me love Marvel when I was a kid.”

Cullen continues to tell Marvel the obstacles and dangers Kei will face in the land of monsters.

“The threat in this story is huge-and not just physically. This creature is a threat to Kei, a threat to the Savage Land, and -if Kei and Elsa Bloodstone don’t stop it-to the world as a whole. As I mentioned, as much as this story honors Marvel’s past, it also looks to the future. The villain in this issue is just part of something much, much bigger and more terrifying.”

Look for the issue Monsters Unleashed #7 to release in Fall 2017. Kei will face off against the most powerful creatures the Earth has ever conjured, so get ready to rumble in a land built on killer instincts.

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