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Barbie’s New ‘Shero’ wears a Hijab

Inspiring girls to break boundaries

Barbie has been all about inclusivity recently. Now they have announced first Barbie to wear a hijab.

Barbie has evolved over the past ten years to become more inclusive than ever. The doll that many thought only represented thin blonde bombshells has evolved into something much more.

Barbie has come to represent more than that on so many different levels. Over the last decade, Barbie dolls have become doctors, designers, and athletes. They have expanded to include all different shapes and shades of women, thus empowering so many more girls in this generation.

Now, Mattel has decided to introduce Barbie’s first doll to wear a hijab. The company chose U.S. Olympian and first Muslim female medalist Ibithaj Muhammad. Muhammad was emotional on her Instagram when making a thank you statement to Mattel for her ‘Shero’ character.

Thank you @Mattel for announcing me as the newest member of the @Barbie Shero family! The Barbie Shero Program recognizes women who break boundaries to inspire the next generation of girls and I am so excited to join this incredible group of women. I’m proud to know that little girls everywhere can now play with a Barbie who chooses to wear hijab! This is a childhood dream come true

This statement by Barbie to now include a doll that wears a hijab is so inspiring for droves of little Muslim girls across the world. Muhammad recognizes that and her role in this fantastic legacy. Her doll (below) will be available in 2018. Barbie also took to their Instagram account to celebrate the collaboration with Muhammad.

Women celebrating the achievements of other women and empowering one another is something Barbie, and Mattel should be applauded for in addition to their growing inclusivity. This campaign will slowly but surely grow a better narrative between young women and little girls everywhere.

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