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NFL Power Rankings Week 1

All Hail the Chiefs!

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (↑1)

No game moves them up a spot. Thanks Hurricane Irma.

12. New York Giants (↓3)

About as uninspired of a showing as a team had in Week One, but lets blame OBJ for not playing. The defense looked good considering they were on the field for almost tw0-thirds of the game against the Cowboys.

13. Tennessee Titans (↓2)

Marcus Mariota looked good, the defense looked average and the running game couldn’t get going against the Raiders defense. Wide receiver Corey Davis had a decent outing with six receptions for 69 yards. If the Titans perform like they did on Sunday, it might be a long season in Nashville.

14. Houston Texans (↓6)

They did NOT win one for the city of Houston, but that is okay. For 60 minutes on Sunday, the Texans helped Houston forget about the aftermath from Hurricane Harvey.

15. Denver Broncos (↑3)

The Broncos almost blew it after holding a 17-plus point lead in the fourth quarter. But, nullify the made field goal with a timeout and block the potential game-tying kick on the next attempt.

16. Carolina Panthers (↑3)

They obliterated the 49ers in every facet of the game and linebacker Luke Kuechly continued to cement his legacy as one of the best linebackers to ever play in the NFL.

17. Los Angeles Rams (↑4)

While there weren’t very many fans in the stands, they absolutely shellacked the Andrew Luck-less Colts. If they play like they did in Week One, there is a chance that they win the NFC West in 2017.

18. Jacksonville Jaguars (↑4)

The only downside to the Jaguars demolition of the Texans is that they lost receiver Allen Robinson for the year to a knee injury. Adding insult to injury, Blake Bortles gave Robinson a double-tap on his bad knee in support of the receiver.

19. Detroit Lions (↑5)

Matthew Stafford has a new contract extension (richest in NFL history) and he led the Lions back from the dead against the Cardinals. He had eight comeback victories last season in 16 games, and has one through one game this season.

20. Washington Redskins (↓6)

Cousins wasn’t wanting any part of the Eagles’ defense, and you can’t blame him. After all, the team has signed him to back-to-back franchise tags. His weapons are lacking and there is a real possibility that he ends up playing somewhere else, like San Francisco, in 2018.

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