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NFL Preseason: Tyrod Taylor, Jay Cutler Have Debuts to Forget

Should the Patriots be crowned already?

The NFL preseason is when overreaction and analysis turn the world of football on its head, and make fans question all that is holy. Fans of the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins are hoping that their starting quarterbacks, Tyrod Taylor and Jay Cutler respectively, don’t look as bad as they did during the second week of preseason games.

Yes, it is only preseason and a lot of the game at this point is working out the kinks during game action. But Taylor and Cutler just gave New England Patriots‘ fans more than enough ammunition to claim the AFC East division before the season even starts.

Tyrod Taylor

A 12.0 quarterback rating is not going to hurt Taylor in the preseason, but it isn’t going to bail him out either. The Bills’ quarterback was 8-for-18 in his preseason debut against the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night, and looked awful, to put it bluntly. Taylor threw for 53 yards, was sacked twice and also threw two interceptions.

To be fair, Taylor was without newly acquired wide receiver Jordan Matthews because of a chip fracture in his sternum, but Buffalo had to expect a better performance than what they witnessed first hand.

There is still time left in preseason, but Taylor has to approach the upcoming season as if he is locked in a fight to the death. Otherwise, he might be placed on the sideline watching either Nathan Peterman or (gasp) T.J. Yates lead the Bills’ offense.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have been dealt a myriad of injuries that have rocked their roster to the core, but it is better now when so many players have time to prove themselves daily. One of those players is one-year man, Jay Cutler. While his performance wasn’t as bad as Taylor’s, it wasn’t anything special either.

Ryan Tannehill‘s absence under center might be too much to overcome in 2017, but at least they have an NFL veteran in Cutler. He knows what to expect, but still doesn’t appear to be thrilled that he is playing again. Cutler couldn’t have picked a better place though, as Florida is a great place to retire, but staying retired might have been the better choice. And after some of the hits he took on Thursday night, retirement definitely felt better.

Cutler went 3-of-6 for 24 yards in his Dolphins’ debut — not terrible — and only played two series’ worth of football for Miami. He was happy to have a recently fixed shoulder as well.

“Dr. Bowen in Chicago, nice job,” Cutler said, with a thumbs-up for emphasis, via ESPN.

Coach Adam Gase thought that he performed well enough in his team debut also.

“Thought he was good,” said Dolphins coach Adam Gase, who also coached Cutler in Chicago. “First time out. Looks like we really weren’t apart for a year. His tempo was really good,” via ESPN.

Gase’s confidence in Cutler was apparent tonight or he remembers how to deflect blame from the quarterback, similar to what it was like in Chicago for the two.

Regardless if tonight was only week two of the NFL preseason, Taylor and Cutler have a lot of work cut out for them if they plan on making it through the upcoming season.

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