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Watch: Nicki Minaj Semi-Subtle in No Frauds Clip

After a lot of baited breath, Nikki Minaj dropped the video for the single “No Frauds” on Wednesday.

The clip in its entire posh British splendor is more like a warning shot instead of a kill shot.

For all of its audio flames aimed at Remy Ma, the video find spends it’s time establishing Minaj as the queen of this rap thing.

That in itself might be the whole point.

As the video plays out Rashida “Rah” Ali, a former confidante of Remy’s that is now a nemesis, shows up but that’s about the worst of it.

The rest of the clip is sexy, fashionable and a toast to the good life.

And perhaps that could be the point.

After all, while Remy is doing well, as a semi-independent artist  she most likely can’t afford to take her crew to England, hire noted director Benny Boom, rent out castle space, a night club, exclusive wardrobe and more.

Oh and recruit Drake and Lil Wayne to come through and show solidarity.

If she can…my apologies. But based on record, ticket and merch sales, endorsements and other opportunities, it seems like “No Frauds” was filmed just to send the message   “this is what you can’t do.”

With a mysterious ending that could be taken as a nod to the regal phrase “now off with your head,” the good thing about “No Frauds” is that it’s ripe with symbolism which makes it a discussion piece

Check it out.

Watch: Nicki Minaj w/ Drake and Lil Wayne “No Frauds”

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