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Orioles Adam Jones Fires Back at Curt Schilling

Jones Fires Back For Justice

Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones continues to fight for equality in baseball in the face of certain critics such as the controversial ex-pitcher Curt Schilling.

Schilling was quoted by the New York Daily News as stating that Jones lied about being called a racial slur at Fenway Park by a rogue Boston Red Sox fan.

He went as far as to use blue language in his divisive remarks and in doing so only empowered those that think its OK to behave in such a way.

“I don’t believe the story, given the world we live in,” Schilling said. “I don’t believe it, for this reason: Everybody is starving and hungry to sit in front of a camera and talk and be social justice warriors. And if a fan yelled loud enough in center field for Adam Jones to hear the N-word, I guarantee you we would’ve heard and seen fans around on CNN on MSNBC,they would’ve found multiple fans to talk about what a racist piece of junk Boston is.”

“If somebody did say it, we’re going to see it and hear about it, and I would apologize to Adam Jones for doubting him, but until then, I think this is (expletive),” Schilling said. “I think this is somebody creating a situation.”

These quotes were generated earlier this month and Jones took to the Player’s Tribune to address them on Friday.

In essay simply titled “Hate,” Jones engaged these comments while discussing his feelings about his child growing up in a society that has elements of hatred. It’s a fantastic and compelling read.

As for Schilling and those like him, his words were pointed and sharp.

Well, it’s 2017, and some people are still just stupid. I’ve heard plenty of stuff on a baseball field over the years,” Jones wrote. “You expect trash talk from fans. Sometimes you even enjoy it.

But to be out there playing the game you love, and to hear somebody call you the n-word?

To have peanuts thrown at you, like you’re not even a human being?

It’s disgusting.

Forget about, “Well in hip-hop, they say….”

Forget about, “Well the guy was just drunk.”

Forget about, “Well I’ve never heard that stuff at Fenway before.”

This is not a sports debate show. This is my real life. It happened.

And it’s just point-blank disgusting.”

Agreed. Perhaps its time we forget about any legacy that Curt Schilling has left to salvage.

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