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Peter Thomas Visits the Breakfast Club to Discuss Fight

Peter Thomas made a trip to The Breakfast Club to talk about his fight with Matt Jordan and the drama with Real Housewives of Atlanta. Most people know Peter as the ex-husband of RHOA star Cynthia Bailey. The couple got married and divorced on the show.

The topic of discussion lately is Peter’s altercation with Matt. Footage of the whole incident has recently come out. During an interview at a Charlotte radio station, he and Matt got into a fight. It started out as a heated discussion and escalated into a full out brawl. After the fight, Peter immediately pressed charges against Matt.

According to Peter, he visits this particular radio station every week to do a live remote to promote his two businesses in Charlotte, Sports One and Club One. He was asked if he minded having an on-air discussion with Matt. and agreed simply to ensure that Matt couldn’t spread any lies about him.

When asked about his behavior about the RHOA Season 9 Reunion Special, Peter admitted that he was definitely drunk. While filming, he was unable to hold himself together and eventually walked off the stage. In Peter’s opinion, Phaedra Parks has always been a liar and two faced. He hates that fact that she refused to show her true life on camera. Also, he’s disappointed in the way that she chooses not to allow her ex-husband Apollo Nida see their children.

However, Peter is currently in talks with the Bravo to possibly have his own show. The show will focus on his businesses and his staff. For weeks there have been rumors that Peter could get a show, but no one actually thinks it will happen. Only time will tell if Bravo will actually give the “house husband” his own show.


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