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Raiders and Sebastian Janikowski Resolve Contract Dispute

That could have gone a lot worse.

A couple of days after reports circulated that the Oakland Raiders and longtime kicker Sebastian Janikowski had engaged in a conflict over the veteran’s current deal that runs through the end of this season, the two sides have resolved their issues and come to an agreement to rework the contract, per a story from ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

While there was never anything concrete from the team about what they wanted from Seabass, head coach Jack Del Rio gave a general statement to gathered media members before practice yesterday about his kicker’s injury situation, specifically his back.

“I’m not good about forecasting things,” the third year head coach said. “We’ll see how he goes through the work week. There was some concern early in the week that we’ll need to see how he does, how he responds. We had some kickers come in here to make sure that we’re prepared in the case that he’s not able to go that we’re covered. That’s really it. I think it kind of took on a life of its own with a lot of people reporting and speculating, but we’re just doing our due diligence. We’ll see how the week goes.”

Janikowski declined comment; he attended practice, but did not participate in any on-field activities. The three kickers who were brought in for workouts on Monday were Josh LamboMike Nugent and Marshall Koehn. All three lost kicking competitions in the preseason with their respective teams.

Seabass’ contract had two guarantee dates for his $4.05 million salary. One, worth around $238,000, kicked in on Tuesday. The rest will become fully guaranteed on Saturday, one day before the Raiders play their first game in Nashville against the Tennessee Titans.

It isn’t clear right now what specifically was adjusted in the deal. Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune speculated on Twitter that the Raiders could have set it up like they did with tight end Lee Smith‘s contract reworking back in August, which is based on performance and snaps played.

It’s possible the team was concerned with how his back will hold up in regards to the rest of the season. They also may be looking to allocate money in order to bring in a significant free agent addition. Whatever the case may be, it looks like the Raiders have erased any problem they had with their longest tenured player.

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