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Redbox Reveals America’s Favorite Baseball Flicks

The movie experts at performed a survey recently that ranks the Top 10 baseball movies and have released the list to Salute Magazine.

The survey compiled “results based on a March 10, 2017, Omnibus survey conducted on behalf of Redbox by Matchbox/MARU with more than 1,000 U.S. respondents,” via their public relations department.

What are the results of the survey that was performed? A list that the majority of baseball fans would agree on, but not necessarily in the same order.

America’s Favorite Baseball Movies

1.       “Field of Dreams”
2.       “A League of Their Own”
3.       “The Sandlot”
4.       “Major League”
5.       “Angels in the Outfield”
6.       “Bad News Bears”
7.       “The Natural”
8.       “Bull Durham”
9.       “Rookie of the Year”
10.     “Moneyball”

America has spoken, as have the movie experts at Redbox. But how does Salute Magazine rank the Top 10 baseball movie list?

Gallery: Salute’s Top 10 Baseball Movies

No. 10 "Moneyball"

Playing the game of baseball by using analytics and a lower budget almost paid off for the Oakland A's. Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill try their best--and succeed--in translating the book into a movie.

No. 9 "Bad News Bears"

A ragtag group of misfits pairs up with a former minor league catcher in an ultra-competitive baseball league in California. This isn't the remake with Billy Bob Thornton, rather the original which is far better.

No. 8 "Rookie of the Year"

The Chicago Cubs became contenders thanks to a kid that didn't know how to play baseball until hurting his shoulder--playing baseball.

No. 7 "The Natural"

From a nobody to a somebody, Robert Redford turns heads in this film. They say the best lumber is forged out of a tree by lightning.

No. 6 "Bull Durham"

The off-the-field minor league affairs are just as important as what happens in the games. Crash Davis learns that groupies aren't just for rock bands either.

No. 5 "Angels in the Outfield"

Angels help two kids save their hometown professional baseball team, and they receive help in return. If you cry during movies, bring your tissues with you to the couch.

No. 4 "Major League"

Putting together a losing team is a winner for the Cleveland Indians. But remember, "Is very bad to steal Jobu's rum. Is very bad."

No. 3 "A League of Their Own"

When the men are at war, the women keep baseball alive. And they do more than drive Tom Hanks crazy in this film, which only makes him drink more.

No. 2 "The Sandlot"

Jets, demon dogs, lifeguards, country fairs and autographed baseballs tell the story of a time of old on the diamond. Friends are made and baseball is played, just beware of the dog.

No. 1 "Field of Dreams"

"If you build it, he will come." And they will stay to make your dreams come true. Making a baseball diamond in a cornfield might seem crazy, but if Shoeless Joe Jackson and the rest of the Chicago White Sox show up, people can think whatever they want.

Stay tuned to Salute Magazine for more coverage of all things pop culture.

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