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Review: 2 Chainz Displays O.G. Status on New LP

Street wisdom is served

2 Chainz/Pretty Girls Like Trap Music/ Def Jam

As an elder statesman of the Atlanta rap scene, 2 Chainz is Atlanta royalty. His past affiliations with Ludacris and DTP earned him his first genuine hit with the street opus “Duffle Bag Boy.”

So when the dude says ‘fuck all that mumble shit’ on “Realize,” rap fans that are dying for bars rejoice because they know that one line can mute that trend.

2chainzJay-Z pushed back against the overuse of Antares’ Auto-Tune plug-in on the culture-shaking “D.O.A.”

As a southern general 2 Chainz stepped forward to remind the world how silly mumble rap really is.

The signature moment is crucial to the perception of this album as it best displays where he is in his career.

He’s no longer a sidekick with swag or a trap-rapper that is dying to be heard.  Always better than he has been given credit for, 2 Chainz quietly fought for his position and he’s boxed the competition out.

Like the basketball player that he used to be, he weaves in and out of the lane over tracks that showcase mystical vibes.

On the previously-released “Big Amount,” we take a voyage to the Far East sonically. The appreciation of life is the front and center direct message from the host while guest Drake keeps it opulent.

In fact, despite his penchant for importing guests that show-off and his own occasional lapses of talking shit, 2 Chainz brings a lot of wisdom to the party.

Pretty Girls Like Trap Music is all about balance.

On “Poor Fool” is a deeply personal run on his relationship with his mother.  Despite her faults, the love that she bestowed upon him has stuck with him for a lifetime.

This is another example of regardless of genre and taste, honest music will always break through and shine.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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